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Rodent and Roach Management, Termite Treatments, and More

For reliable bug and vermin services by Modern Pest Control in Ohio and West Virginia, simply give us a call. Our technicians serve the region with effective rodent and roach management, termite inspections and termite control treatments, and much more. Pest control services include a wide variety of insects and vermin found commonly in homes and businesses.

Call (740) 336-9722 for services by Modern Pest Control, or contact us online for more information. Request an estimate or schedule residential and commercial services, such as annual inspections and treatments. We look forward to getting rid of pest problems throughout the region with our effective services.

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Services to Control a Variety of Small Animal and Insect Pests

Our technicians at Modern Pest Control provide services to control a variety of small animal and insect pests. This can include the treatment, capture, and disposal of:

Boxelder bugs
Household insects
Lady Bugs
Many-legged insects
Stinging insects

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Common Signs That You May
Require Termite Control Services

Termite control is often necessary for suburban and rural properties. Termites are adaptable and can infest houses, sheds, and other wooden structures. They prefer wooded, wet areas because of moisture’s insulation and protection. Be sure to fix any holes to the outside found inside your dwelling, as termites use them for entry points.

Any type of wood touching or leaning against your residence or commercial building, especially from the ground, invites termites to feed. Common appetizers include fence posts, tree branches, and wood piles, especially rotting wood. If termites on your property concern you, call Modern Pest Control for termite inspection and a treatment service plan estimate.

Services for Crawling and Flying Insects
in Homes and Businesses

Over 75 percent of all known and named animals are insects. Worldwide, entomologists have named nearly one million insect species. To identify if the bugs invading your home are insects, see if they have six legs. If they do, check if it has three distinct body regions—a head, thorax, and abdomen. Also determine if it has an antennae and a pair of wings. If all of these features exist, then the bug is an insect. Modern Pest Control provides effective treatment and control services for most known crawling and flying insects.

Modern Pest Control Services to Stop Bugs from Invading Your Space

Regardless of if bugs in your home are insects or not, Modern Pest Control can treat for and exterminate them. Before you have to call us, there are some simple bug invasion prevention steps you can take. Regularly eliminate bugs’ food supplies and seal up their favorite hiding spots. Get rid of pooled water in your yard and clean your gutters regularly. Keep your swimming pool chlorinated and filtered, even if it is not being used. Change the water in fountains or birdbaths, at least twice a week.

The Difference Between Rodents and Vermin and How To Stop Them

Rodents are vermin, but not all vermin are rodents. Modern Pest Control provides services to control vermin and rodents. A rodent has long incisors that are worn down by gnawing. Vermin describes all types of small animals that potentially harm or commonly annoy humans. Just like with bugs, the simplest way to prevent vermin invasions is sealing up holes inside and outside buildings.

Look for gaps or holes around doors, as well as inside, under, and behind kitchen, cabinets, refrigerators, and stoves. In living rooms, check around fireplaces and floor vents. In basements, look around pipes, hot water heaters, and furnaces. In laundry rooms, inspect dryer vents, washing machines, and floor drains. In bathrooms, examine under sinks. Also look around and inside attics, basements, or crawl spaces, as well as between floor and wall junctures.

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Services to Customers
in West Virginia and Ohio Counties

Regardless of what type of pest control you need, Modern Pest Control can help. We offer service plans to ensure consistent pest management throughout the year. Give us a call or contact us online for a free estimate. Our service area includes businesses and residents in:

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  • Jackson County, WV
  • Tyler County, WV
  • Ritchie County, WV
  • Wirt County, WV
  • Wood County, WV
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  • Guernsey County, Ohio
  • Noble County, Ohio
  • Athens County, Ohio
  • Washington County, Ohio
  • Monroe County, Ohio
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Bug and vermin services by Modern Pest Control in Ohio and West Virginia.

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