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Pest Control Service Treatment Agreements Offer Consistent Protection

Obtain service plans with Modern Pest Control in Ohio and West Virginia, serving Ohio and West Virginia homes and businesses. Service plans offer consistent protection for those locations that require dedicated pest control. For some customers, pest control service on an as-needed basis may be adequate.
However, many businesses with regular pests and homeowners living with pest-induced allergies may choose to obtain a service plan. This can provide consistent pest control and protection throughout the time of the agreement. Select from the service plan options with Modern Pest Control in Ohio and West Virginia. Call (740) 336-9722 for more information. You can also contact us online for plans to obtain regular treatment services for problem pests.
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What Pests Do Our Service Plans Eliminate?

Modern Pest Control service plans are specific and detailed. Plans may include termite inspection and termite control available to residences and commercial locations. Whatever plan you choose our technicians will provide the best services. Find one that works for long-term management against:

Water bugs
…And More

Modern Pest Control Offers
Different Levels of Service Plans

The services we provide are available as needed without purchasing one of our recurring plans. If you choose to use a service plan, they could provide the best option to meet your pest control needs. We offer Basic, Intermediate, Premier, and Elite level plans:

Basic and Intermediate
When signing up for our Basic or Intermediate plans, the initial treatment includes both the interior and exterior of your home. All recurring treatments are exterior only. Feel free to ask about our exterior-only pricing for either plan. Both plans include a 30-day service agreement.

Our Basic Plan includes an annually recurring exterior and interior general household pest treatment every spring. Our Intermediate Plan includes a semi-annually recurring interior and exterior general household pest treatment. With the intermediate plan, the treatment is completed once in the spring and once in the fall.

Premier and Elite
When signing up for our Premier and Elite plans the initial treatments include a detailed inspection. They also include a thorough treatment of the interior and exterior of your home. All recurring treatments will be exterior only and interior as needed.

Our Premier Plan includes an initial inspection and treatment of the interior and exterior of your property. This plan includes one exterior general household pest treatment in the spring, one in the summer, and one in the fall. Recurring interior treatments are included, as needed.

Our Elite Plan is the most optimal and effective plan that we offer. This plan includes an initial inspection and treatment of the property’s interior and exterior. The Elite plan includes three exterior general household pest treatments a year. It also includes a thorough termite inspection and rodent control through the winter. Recurring interior treatments are included on an as needed basis.

Both plans include a year round service agreement. If any additional pest problems arise between the treatments, we will treat the issue for no additional cost.

NOTE: Termite treatments are not included in this plan, but are available for an additional cost.
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We Also Offer Other Service
Plans to Control Particular Pesky Pests

Our Mosquito Control Plan includes monthly exterior treatments. This plan is available from April to October. With this plan, you can manage mosquitoes during the summer months. We also offer monthly pricing. The Rodent Control Plan we offer is customized. Call us about your specific rodent control needs. We remove mice, opossums, squirrels, snakes, and other vermin.

Benefits to Having a
Service Plan with Modern Pest Control

There are several benefits to having a residential or commercial service plan with Modern Pest Control. To see what service plan would benefit you, contact us online or by phone. Whatever insect treatment or management you need, we have a plan to meet it.

We offer plans for residences and businesses throughout our service area, including in WV and Ohio communities in:

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  • Jackson County, WV
  • Tyler County, WV
  • Ritchie County, WV
  • Wirt County, WV
  • Wood County, WV
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  • Guernsey County, Ohio
  • Noble County, Ohio
  • Athens County, Ohio
  • Washington County, Ohio
  • Monroe County, Ohio
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Call today to obtain service plans with Modern Pest Control in Ohio and West Virginia.

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